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    As some of you may have noticed already there is a possibility we may be attending GLEMSECK 101 – 2017

    It runs from 1st to 3rd Sept this year.

    I am looking at various options for a long weekend or maybe making a week of it considering things such as ferry, chunnel, camping, hotels etc.

    Would anyone here be interested in doing this? Let me know here and also share your comments and ideas.


    Same as with Tan Hill, I don’t get home until 7th Sept. Unreal how much stuff I miss.


    Hi Lonesomes,

    I will be your local hero in Germany and will support KK and all of you as much as I can.

    Cheers, Michael


    Thank you Michael.

    I have looked at several options and not certain which way will be the best option. That will depend on the number of people and their needs.

    It appears camping at the back of Glemseck Hotel is limited and on a first come first served basis and the hotel is fully booked. Are there any other camping areas near by?


    Hi Andy,

    that hotel is a small one, so no chance with that.
    The campground is limited, but last year arriving at Saturday early afternoon gave us the last few available camp spaces.

    The earlier we get there, the more likely we can select one of the spaces.

    Interestingly the camp ground and the “road of clubs” is parallel to each other, but has a height difference of approx 10m and an angle of approx. 45°.

    There is a chance to use the short way by feet:
    pavillon at the road, tent at the ground, just 50m away from each other. Not using this angled “upwards/downwards” way, it may be 2km walk / ride to arrive at our pavillon or at your tent.

    I am not aware of further camp ground in the surroundings. There are parking spaces around, but not sure if it is allowed to camp there with a tent.

    Cars, trucks and trailers are allowed for delivery purposes only (2h max + significant deposit) and may be forbidden on Saturday at all times.
    I’ve never seen a car in use on Saturday til Sunday afternoon within the restricted area. Even if allowed, it can’t pass through !

    Cheers, Michael

    Pic shows the view from inside a pavillon to the “road of clubs” at any given point of time during typical visitor hours 😉 Even that is not the peak that can be reached, you will be happy if you find that much space to walk along !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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