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    Hi Everyone!

    I got what I call a project, and I have noticed this got real into me. The bike has been stored for at least 10 years, milage very low. I would say it has barely been used the last 20 years. So, my journey have started 🙂 I want to restore it to a condition so I know it will last another 35 years.

    My tactic is to take one small area of the bike at the time, and finished it before I take on the next. So far I have restored and fixed the front forks, front brake calipers and now I am fixing the Master Cylinder. So far things goes as plan, execept the rear fender that I know I need to deal with. It has a crack which cannot be fixed. Let’s see if anyone respond to my post of “wanted items”. Another thing that has been quit of project is the gas tank. The orginal one was rusty and beoynd saving. I manged to buy one from ebay. I handed it over to a guy here in Uppsala who fixed it with new paint and made new stripes. Better then new I would say it is now.

    I have ordered new seals for the petcock and hope I within the next couple of weeks can make the first try of starting it up!

    Keep you updated!



    Welcome aboard David.

    I’m sure you’ll find the bits you need in Kaptain Kwacks huge stock !!!


    Congratulations and welcome. Clean machine. Should be an easy resto for you.


    Hello Ankargren and welcome to our site.

    The S models are quite rare and thw one you have is a great find. It looks to be in exceptional condition and hopefully will be maintenance only to get her back on the road. I wish you luck with your hunt for a rear mudguard and if I find one I will let you know.



    Hi Guys,

    Back in the Game! Been busy with other tasks last year….BUT now its TIME to continue the overhaul of my bike. I’ve decided that to replace the brake hoses and go over the rear part of the bike. I finally managed to get hold of a rear fender, not new but better then the old cracked one.

    Went down to the local hose shop and they made new hoses for me for around 100 Euro, probably not the cheapest way but at least you support the local hard working guys.

    Now I tared apart the rear swing arm and will pain all parts that is not in what I judge fixable. In the mean time I also took off a cover that was very corroded. Some grinding and metal prep over night will make it ready for paint.

    Polished part seen below.

    Poor 15 metal prep, use it for a lot of parts before paint.

    Ready for Paint.

    When waiting for metal prep doing its job, I polished the sprocket hub…

    Ordered new sprockets and will after some tips of Michael go for the 38T on the rear wheel.  As I want everything to be as original as possible I ordered a sprocket from klasa, looks very close the the OEM one, at least one the picture they sent me…

    As always appreciate all the tips and hints I can get!

    Stay Tuned!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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