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    hello everyone
    its snakey from lovely wolverhampton thanks for letting me join up but i may be a complete arse cause all the stuff i need to know.ive got two twins a 76 b1 and a 80 g model i was going to make the b1 standard and a cafe racer with the g but when i stripped the g the frame was completly rusted through and fit only for the tatters van so now ive got a b.1.g hybrid and lots of spares
    please bear with me with this internet thingy cause i am trying to learn how it all works and my beautiful children are taking it in turns to take the p…
    hope someone gets this,anything could happen when i press submit, lol apparantley
    all the best snakey.


    Hey Snakey, nice bike. I think one bike that runs and a shed full of rusting bits is about par for the course round here 😀 I used to find that threatening a teenager with a tape of her singing wheels on the bus when she was 3 shut her up a treat.


    Hi Snakey and welcome.

    You are in a good position with your twin(s). A nice looking bike if I may say so. I too have quite a few spares which I have hoarded to help keep these machines on the road.

    Lonesome is right. Dig out some dirt that would embarrass them in front of their mates. You will have them eating out your hand . . .


    remind her who taught her to use a spoon


    Hi Snakey,

    welcome to the Lonesome Twins 😉
    I am sure that you will get support from here if you need some.

    All the best,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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