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    Hey up, found my way here after a fantastic conversation with kaptain kwak on the phone today. I look forwards to taking a proper look through the forum when time allows. I have a 440 bobber (girls bike I know lol) which is need of some carb fettling. I also have a gsx 250 which is currently in pieces in my shed. She will be a cafe racer in a few months time funds allowing. I’ll try and post a few pics of the 440 bobber if I can figure it out 🙂
    Anyhoo, no doubt il see you around the forum chaps!

    Cheers, Dave


    Hello and welcome fellow Boltonian

    Was a good chat but I forgot to mention one thing. The first round is yours 😆

    Pull up a chair and ask away. Don’t forget pics too


    Yup, I’ll get the beers, it would be the least I can do. If we get this bike going il deffo owe you a drink or seven lol.

    Looks like we have some great weather forecast for the next week or so. You know it’s gonna start raining as soon as I get me carbs back!


    Fantastic conversation?

    All I get is Abuse!

    Welcome to the Madhouse. I have no doubt our paths shall cross soon enough.


    You too Tango?
    I thought it was just me he abused. At least I am far enough away and have caller ID on the phone…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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