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    I’m really thankful to the chap who told me about this forum as this is my first Kawasaki. It’s also bike number 60 owned over the years. Nowadays I have one to ride and one to swear at. No room for more. It took me half the 70s and all the 80s to throw off my jap crap British is best bigotry. First with Italian and German and then Honda and Suzuki. To be honest I was going to buy a late 70s Yamaha 500 as not owned Yamaha either. But then I saw a red Z750 twin pull up next to me on my T140e. Seeing and hearing it was enough to make me take a look on line and when I saw the price realised this was my type of  bike.

    So I bought a bike off ebay unseen that did not make its reserve. Powder coated frame, rebuilt by a Z1 enthusiast with a nice workshop including a sand blaster. He had a good back story so felt confident I could finish off where he had got to. Oh how many times have I told myself that!

    Anyway if there is anyone close by I’m always up for a bimble and will be asking impossible questions, like how the hell do you balance these carbs????

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