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    Hi all,

    at the end of summer last year I got round to uncovering a motorbike that had been in the garage for many years. It used to belong to my father and I had never seen it fully let alone running (so over 32 years!).

    After uncovering it and having a look, there was much more bike than I had ever realised with the majority of a 1976 z750 twin being there!

    I have a bantam and have got used to spannering on that, so thought why not give it a go on this!

    It has been a good project and I am hoping to get it finished for summer.

    So far I have:

    • Sourced an airbox and fitted this
    • Overhauled the carbs as they were gummed up bad, new rubbers to head and diaphragms on order
    • De-rusted the tank as this was a mess (30+ year fuel is not great!!!)
    • Replaced the fuel tap
    • Overhauled the front master cylinder and brake callipers (interestingly these have been fitted from a gpz?)
    • Changed oil and filter
    • Replaced the throttle return cable
    • Fitted rear shocks
    • Fitted a horn
    • Fitted tacho cable
    • Changed points and condenser to get it sparking again
    • Fitted rear brake switch

    I have also got it road registered which was interesting with no number plate, but after a bit of back and forth with the DVLA and contacting Kawasaki in Japan it was sorted. It must of been one of the first as it was manufactured in December 1975!

    The colour scheme is interesting! But I am just after making a reliable bigger bike than the bantam!

    I have some bits to source, particularly an exhaust as the one on it was a poor home made attempt!

    Look forward to sharing experiences of this unique bike and seeing how it actually rides after languishing in the garage for too many years.


    That’s an interesting project, great to see it going back on the road!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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