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    hello gaga,welcome


    Hi Folks,
    i believe i’ve to introduce me now but i’m happy that some other members knew me. I live in Germany near the Green Hell Racing Circuit Nürburgring and love to drive above our small and curved streets, meet some nice people and also crazy (wo)men like me.
    I found toeknee’s intro and now i understand why his name sounds a little bit strange for me. Just thought it was slang, as i got an update to my english knowledge, sitting between a scotsman and Julie at the belgium meeting.
    I hope to see anybody of the members in your homeland when i come to england. If i’m not driving my Japanese Bonneville, i’ll go by a BMW R 1100 GS or, maybe, by sidecar with my BMW R 100 GS/PD with Dnepr MT 16 sidecar.
    Never stress your Guardian Angels, they’ll also get older like we too!!
    Bye and so long,


    Hey Gaga

    Great to meet you here and good to speak again.

    Welcome to our humble site. Take a good look around. We love pics so feel free to post away all your bikes.

    I also look forward to meeting you again in August if you make it across the seas lol



    Hi gaga welcome from Scotland my friend


    GaGa Nice to see you on here

    I hope you are feeling better, And I hope you have seen the little Belgium Ride Out video.

    I trust my little dedication at the end met with Sirs approval :pint:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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