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    Evil Twin

    just a quick polite hello from the not so sunny lake district uk
    been around bikes since i can remember,
    used to bunk off school to ride my bike over the fields
    anyway,latest project
    our lass’s kz 750 twin m1 csr
    flat tracker style
    some may recognise this from a previous owner or owners.
    totally rewired this bike right through,had spark on the points nice strong blue,but not on the plugs,just got a new coil.
    so waiting to see what happens when i get at it nxt
    will post picts ,reason this bike has had delays in progress
    our lass developed stomach cancer
    thankfully now she is fully recovered
    so the project continues.
    hope to pick brains and help solve probs too along the way.


    Hello Evil Twin and welcome.

    A CSR? Think I may have seen that bike before but not 100% sure. Did you get it from a guy in Rochdale?
    The CSR is my market. I have 4 and many spares too including wiring harnesses, Ignition units, coils etc. Shout if you need anything

    Evil Twin

    thanks for the welcome
    bike was beef from oldham
    hoggy in scotland b4 that
    think he built it into flat tracker
    beef bought it,rode it till it gave him probs
    think he gave it to a m8 of his to fettle it
    but the guy just had no idea what he was doing
    i had to totally rewire the bike,
    it only had 1 inline fuse
    disaster waiting to happen 2bh
    nothing worked b4 even the feame was live.more than 12 volts running thru it
    will continue this in the appropiate section asap
    as for spares
    i may just be tempted on your offer
    i bought x2 750 twin engines for £175 complete too less carbs grrrr
    anyway.nuff said for now


    HaaHaa Evil Twin

    That bike use to be mine. I know it quite well. Yes your right was Oldham not Rochdale.

    When I bought it it was a very sad Y1 LTD model. I sold it to Hoggy who did an amazing transformation. I can tell you it has a B1 engine in it which does significantly change the wiring. Beef joined this site and we offered to go round and help him sort the issues but he never took us up on the offer.

    So there you go.

    Officially you have a Y1 LTD (1983 on log book?) with mods.

    Shout up if you need any help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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