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    howdo ratty,good to hear from you,i tried your old email to let you know bout braii but it didnt work,the nail is still in place and has a companion on the other side lol,she ended up with one of kwaks mates in bolton,hows life over there,hope its raining lol, if you ever get back over here give me a call 😀


    Good to hear from you ratty, pity about the cicumstances, are you riding a bike? heard its good bike country,


    Just dropped in to say hi and hope u all doing well. Heard about Braai from family in UK and thought of u all and the meet in Whitby. Glad to see the site is up and running and you’re all doing well. Hope Philpass still has my old beast going and the nail has dropped out yet!
    Take it easy and take care


    Now then all,
    I know sorry about circumstances too! Hope everyone is keeping well though and great to see the club back up and running. Its amazing over here for bikes just briliant. Maybe a little too brilliant, I’m riding a fireblade and have had it for 2 weeks, am now awaiting the dreaded speedy letter. Just have to see what happens? Hey ho what can you do?
    Great to hear the old beast is still alive and well and now as a ompanion for the nail, i always thought it looked lonely but well, with 2 hours fixing time and the inaugural rally to attend what could i do?
    Well take care all and hope the zeds keep going, like the tanks they are! 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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