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    Better pic, can’t see the dent in the tank from this side 🙂

    And it’s a more recent pic.



    Very nice, thanks for posting the pics here and all the info. Great looking bike.



    Guess I’d better describe it before people get confused 🙂

    1979 KZ750B4 frame and wiring harness
    Optional Morris Mag wheel set
    1980 KZ750G body set
    1983 GPz750 front calipers
    1980 KZ1000 drilled rotors
    Stainless steel brake lines
    1996 GPz1100 master cylinder
    Progressive fork springs
    Koni shocks
    1982 KZ750M motor
    Electronic ignition
    Home brewed rearsets (flipped brackets with 83 GPz750 passenger pegs)
    1980 KZ750G exhaust
    Superbike bars in the pic, currently wearing European Touring bars
    1979 KZ750B4 carbs (still working on EFI)
    Headlight is off a TL1000 I think, it’s one of those flat diamond cut things.
    Chrome headlamp shell and gauge covers are new from Z1 Enterprises.

    Guess that’s about it.

    Working on assembling a 1980 750G using 2000 Suzuki suspension and wheels, along with a 83 GPz750 swing arm. Got a 82 motor for it as well. Waiting on heat in the garage, or warmer weather, whichever comes first (hopefully heat).

    Still thinking about doing the 865 big bore thing, just don’t know if I want to spend that kind of money.

    Been a long time since I was on the LonesomeTwin site, what happened to number one bike?


    I remember Lonesometwin from KZR when he had just acquired Lonesometwin I, and now I read that one is a parts bike for Lonesometwin II.

    So, what happened to number one that turned it into a parts bike?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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