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    Hi folks thought I had better introduce myself as I have been looking through the stuff on you site for a few weeks now and will be joining you on your trip to belgium in june
    Im nearly half century auld
    from lanarkshire
    and have owned my prescent kwack for 10yrs
    In the next year or so Im planing on adding a kwack twin to sit along side my baby in the garage
    nice site you have here and lots of nice pics of twins
    look forward to meeting up with you all
    for now Tony


    Hi Tony,

    welcome to the Lonesome Twin Forum !

    Great to hear that you are coming to the 2. International Z750Twin Meeting 2014 in Belgium.
    Get in touch with kaptainkwak for travel details.
    CU in Belgium !

    Cheers, Michael


    Hey Toeknee you finally made it here. Good to see you pal and nice to know your getting the Twin Bug.

    I go back a few years with Toeknee. He is on our list of attendees for Belgium and has paid for the ferry. He is travelling with us on his ZRX1100, maybe next time on a twin???


    Hi Toeknee

    Hows it Going Big Man?

    Glad to hear you are joining us on our Trip. 😉

    It is Sure to be an interesting Few days Now!

    Remember Our Last Camping Trip?

    It seemed Everybody Wanted in on the Action! 🙂


    Eeeh Paul and Paula. My sides still ache after that. I had to get rid of them though sigh. A big shame but Paula kept going down and I think Jan was getting a little jealous


    Thanks for the welcome chaps
    and that was a great weekend Tango and I’m looking forward to catching up with you and kaptainkwak again for another great weekend


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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