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    Hi guys,

    I am the proud owner of 3 KZ750 motorcycles. An S2 that I have built into a rigid chopper. Another S2 that i am in the process of bobbing and a stock M. Oh and another engine from a K.
    Looking forward to chatting with you about the amazing machine that is the KZ750 twin.


    Hi Jett

    Welcome to our humble abode.

    You have 3 KZ750’s then. That is great news especially with the two S2 models as they are very rare in our part of the world if they exist at all. We do not know massive amount about the S2 and I can honestly say I have never seen one in a picture let alone in the flesh.

    Do you have any stock pictures you could share with us?

    Your build looks absolutely amazing and of high quality. You have obviously put some blood, sweat, tears and love into her.

    It seems a shame you wish to turn your other S2 into a bobber. Could you not do that to the M (CSR) instead? They are quite plentiful in comparison.

    I have been to Adelaide all be it briefly. When I went to my sons wedding in Melbourne in 2011 we had 3 aborted landings due to bad weather and had to divert there to refuel and let a couple of sick passengers off. I didn’t see any of it as it was around 2 in the morning and we weren’t let off the plane lol.



    Hi Jett,

    welcome to the Lonesome Twins !

    That is an awesome chopper that you have built.

    You have astonished me.
    It would be nearly impossible to get it legal on the road here in Germany were I live.

    Looking forward to see more pics of your Twins and have a lot of fun riding them 😉

    Cheers, Michael


    Welcome mate


    Thanks for the welcome guys.
    here is the photo of the above chopper when it was stock.


    left side


    Great bikes. Always nice to see those high mileage meters. Gives me something to shoot for. 🙂


    Hi KK,

    Unfortunately i have to sell the M and my plan has always been to keep the other S2 as a back up for my chopper. The M was in pretty ratty condition so i have moved all the shiny parts from the S2 to the M. However, the backup S2 had mostly replacement parts (tank, pipes, respray etc).
    I only realised in hindsight that the S2 that i chopped was actually in mint original condition, at the time i started i had no idea how unique that is, even the original paint was faultless. I hope that the sacrilege of chopping it doesnt get me banned from here, I do genuinely love the KZ750 twin.


    Hi Atlarge,
    That speedo is only in KMs so it is only about 31000 miles

    I have been riding one that is 88000 kms which is about 55000 miles. That was a bit tired but the gear box was still in great shape so there must be some longevity in them!


    These twin engines are from the Z breed and very over engineered. With regular servicing and oil changes they will accomplish many miles. One of our members bought his twin new and very soon will have taken his around the clock.

    The sky is the limit with the right care.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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