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    Hi everyone,

    Just bought 2 ish bikes off ebay. Haven’t had a Z750 for over 16 years, and then it was only a brief flirtation. One bike, an import, is pretty complete, OK maybe not pretty, but mainly complete. Haven’t tried to turn it over yet, looks like the engine has been shot blasted, covers are clean but rough finish. The other is a UK bike but is just a frame and rear wheel. It looks like there is a total of 4 engines in various states. 4 seats, 3 pairs of forks, in various condition.
    So no doubt I’ll be crying and pulling my hair out at times, and mainly looking for advice, support, counseling, phone number for the Samaritans.
    I do run a few other bikes when I get chance.

    Hope to meet some of you at some time, if I ever get out of the garage.



    Eyup Kenny, welcome to the lonesome site, I was watching these on fleebay a few weeks back well done on ya purchase …rgds kaye


    Hey KennyS you’ve made it.

    Welcome to the forum. I too was watching these on ebay and I was in touch with the guy. I am a horder of twin parts and always on the lookout for more but his reserve exceeded my bracket.

    Feel free to ask away with technical or spares stuff. It’s what we are here for and we will help where we can.



    Hi Kenny,

    welcome to the forum.
    Well done !

    The shown model is a modified Z750G:

    Cheers, Michael


    that belonged to an old midlands member if i remember correctly,where abouts are you


    I’m in Norton,in Teesside/Cleveland.
    Not too far north of the republic.
    I picked them up from Kent, but the guy had bought them as a job lot and I don’t think he had done anything with them. I’m not sure when they were last on the road.
    I have always liked the style of these but am in no way a purist. If it looks good and goes OK, that’s fine.
    What are the engines like for reliability. The guy that MoT’s my bikes had fits of laughter and head shaking when I told him what I’d got.


    They go for ever,regular oil changes,only down side is a dodgy starter clutch


    The starter never did work on my last one, just got used to kick starting again.


    Yeah Philpass is right.

    The engines are pretty much bullet proof with minimal maintenance.

    Quite a few have problems with electric starting. This can be one of 2 problems.

    The starter clutch is definitely a weak point. It is the same starter as used on many other models from 400’s to the legendary 900’s. As the twin has a higher compression than the other models it appears to have reached it’s design limit and they can easily fail.

    With the starter motor being situated at the front of the engine it gets battered by the elements of our wonderful British weather. This can cause corrosion and deterioration of the starter cable and connection thus reducing the power it can handle. Couple this with the effort required to turn the engine they can need to be refurbished to keep them on top of their performance.

    Responses like you got from your MOT guy are typical of what we receive almost everywhere we go but that is their ignorance. Anyone who has a twin will tell you how well they run when they are set up right. It is the time and effort sometimes needed to get it there that puts people off. They give in before they get it right.


    Glad to hear it from you guys.
    He reckoned the heads get wrecked by the cam running in the alloy. That threw me a bit, ’cause I remember my old KLR did that and I couldn’t get a second hand head.
    I’m looking forward to getting home and having a play but I’m stuck at work for another 10 days.


    Well I haven’t heard of that problem before but like has been said, regular oil changes. It wouldn’t be a problem anyway as I have at least 3 spare heads lol.

    My B1 has one over 40,000 miles and still starts on the button and purrs like a kitten. One of our members (chrisLWG) bought his B1 new in 1976. He has now gone round the clock on his twin. Yes that’s over 100,000 miles.

    Need I say more?

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