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    Is this company known in the UK ?

    I haven’t checked for Z750Twin parts yet, as I don’t understand the navigation on their website ?!?

    Sorted by parts, not by models ?!?

    Cheers, Michael


    You can select by model using the down arrows but it’s a little limited. I have never dealt with them.



    Hi Michael

    Yes I know that company. They are about 15 miles from where I live so I go down for my parts. I have mainly used them for parts on other bikes. I have not bought much 750 twin stuff from them, only an oil filter I think but as usual the items they supply need to be double checked as like others they do not know things like the difference between valve cover gaskets.

    I can help sort these matters out before buying. This helps prevent wrong items being sent out that then need returning. I can then post on as required.


    Have purchased 3 items from them which where all cables. Rev counter, speedo and clutch. And as stated to fit a 78 B2 model. Did they hell. Clutch cable to long. Rev cable wrong thread and the same with speedo cable. Purchased 6 months ago and came to fit last weekend as bike coming along nice.
    Need to get in touch with Zpower to purchase yet again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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