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    Hi Lonesome Twins,

    just to let you know that I have sold one of my LTD Y1s for 500,- Euros.
    It is not running and neither original nor complete. I can’t finish it in any time and decided to sell it at this special price.

    I am a member of a “wrenching community” called MDMC (Motzenhofen Downtown Motorcycle Custom), where Motzenhofen is a small village with approx 1.000 inhabitants.
    One of the members, Matthias, was looking for a new project.
    As he said he is looking for a BMW 2V boxer I said “No way!” and offered this bike.
    I will meet Matthias about every Friday evening and can support him with special Z750Twin parts and my experience.

    As it will be fully modified, it is intentionally only a rolling chassis with engine and fuel tank. All other parts will be after market, made new or adopted from other bikes.

    Cheers, Michael

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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