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    Had Tango come round last Saturday to help me sort out my garage as I have several projects, many spares but not enough room to swing the cat.

    We emptied the garage of everything. I filled my car boot (Insignia) with unwanted scrap and put everything back in the garage in a much more organised manner. Thanks to Tango’s help I now have plenty of room to start m 1st project. First I will be doing my 1976 UK registered B1.

    I then pulled her out of the garage and gave her a wash. She scrubbed up pretty good.


    I then connected up the battery from my CSR to check the electrics. 1 indicator not working. Horn not working but everything else seems fine. I pushed the starter button and she spun sweetly.

    MMMM I wondered. Should I? Well whichever way i’m gonna have to strip the fuel lines and carbs so why not?

    I primed the carbs and pushed the starter button. She spun but as expected no life. I tried again a couple of minutes later and just the same then . . . she popped. No way I thought so I tried it again and she roared into life. No misfire and a steady tickover.

    I just stepped back and laughed. This old girl has been sat in my garage for 2 1/2 years. She was sat in a garden for quite a while before I got her back. She ran without me even putting any fresh fuel in or changing the plugs.

    Happy Days here I can tell you.

    I will post up any progress.


    Hi Andy,

    your B1 is looking good and what a surprise to hear her’s roaring again !

    Lucky you !

    Cheers, Michael


    Had the back wheel off today. Freed up the rear caliper and re fitted the chain. I fired up the engine (started 1st time) and then rode her several times up the path.

    Hoping to do the same with the front brake tomorrow. Once I have everything working as it should I will start to strip her and start to restore her.


    Well done Buddy…. No problem with the help in the garage… For once it was you who needed your arse kicking! 🙂
    Swing arm on your B is looking good, if you got your brackets and caliper looking the same your bike will look bob on.
    Now put the Fag out! Ditch the Brew and get Cracking OB1.. 😉


    Sadly I have not been able to progress my B for a few weeks as I have been doing a bit of major work getting a couple of other bikes roadworthy. Time well spent as they are now both purring kittens.

    I have managed a few hours though this week and she is starting to look something like a bike again.


    New tyres and wheel bearings were needed and everything at the back has been painted. I have also managed to repaint the centre section where the electrics are. New indicators and a very good rear UK mudguard now fitted too.

    Oh and I’ve replaced the shocks.


    Took the bodywork to paint sprayers. Had a quick glimpse today. Looking very good


    Looking good

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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