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    ignition switches come from wemoto for around ?20, i have a spare seatlock and im sure a rear mudguard could be found somewhere 😀


    Hi I joined the group a few days ago and asked advice about buying a Z750 twin as had found one for sale for ?250. Thanks for the replies and the general concensus was buy it, get it in the garage and worry about the condition later. Well thats exactly what I have done today (except that it’s in my mates Garage at the moment). I had a good look over it before handing over my hard earned cash and this is my initial assessment of it (but I’m no expert).
    It’s a British market bike not an import, has a genuine 33,000 miles on it (all old mot’s up until 2003 and has been sorned since then).
    Cosmetically the bike is in great condition for it’s age 1978 R reg, all chrome good and reletively rust free, no rott on seat base and it has just been re-coverd and new foam, all electrics work and it started second kick after priming it. No rattles, clanks, cam chain noises etc in fact it ran realy quiet almost like a new engine, I could not beleve it.
    Aftermarket 2 into 1 exhaust rust free!
    Engine oil tight and does not burn oil.
    Now for the bad points!
    Rear mudguard hand painted blact and rotten
    Chainguard missing,
    Needs a new lockset (Barrels missing in both ignition switch and seat lock, it did come with a screwdriver trhough 😆 )
    Rev counter does not work but could just be cable,
    Electric starter does not work (did manage to get it to work once after engine was hot but generally sprag clutch is not locating).
    Needs a new front tyre as its bald but rear is as new.
    I can’t wait until my mate delivers it so that I can have a propper look at it, will post some pictures as soon as It comes.
    Get ready for a 1,001 questions in the near future as I will need to find parts and get is ready for it’s MOT ! 😀


    well done joe

    That is the best way to get a bike and then give it a good clean that will show up a lot of problems or not (hopefully) 😀 😀


    I’ve got a decent tacho cable, won’t be needing it on the chop.
    also take a look at this, bit steep but its mint.



    😆 good lad you know it makes sense 😆

    Joe wrote:
    …Electric starter does not work (did manage to get it to work once after engine was hot but generally sprag clutch is not locating)….

    You saw this thread, right?



    sounds like the bargain of the year !!
    with all the old mot certificates aswell … yikes !!
    feel free to check out the starter clutch thread ,
    and let us know what you think ….
    otherwise i’ve got a real nice rear mudguard imported from the states !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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