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    most of us have the b1 that has slightly different carbs,will check in my book and see if theres owt in it 😀


    You’ve probably heard this question a hundred times, but what’s the deal with the idle mixture screws on the 750G? More specifically:

    1. Why is there no factory setting? Does screwing them in or out do anything?
    2. If the screws don’t do anything, why are they even there?
    3. If the screws don’t do anything, why are they different than those on the earlier 750s?


    Here is some info on the 750 twin carbs, posted by Wiredgeorge

    The Keyster carb kits work for the 1976-79 BS38. In 1980, Kaw changed the needle jet and jet needle as well as the pilot jet. Since the kits contain the jet needle and pilot jet, they will work fine for the 1980 BS38 if you reuse your old jet needles and use a #40 pilot jet type Mikuni BS30/96. In 1982, they started using BS34 carbs probably because the set is about 90 lbs lighter than the BS38s. Specs:

    Type BS38 1976-1979
    Main jet 125
    Main Air Jet 1.0
    Needle Jet Badge # Z-4 or Z-4
    Jet Needle 4JN19-4 or 4HL12-3
    Pilot Jet 45 or 40
    Pilot Screw 11/2 + – 1/2t turns out
    Starter Jet 110
    Fuel level (from bore center) 31

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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