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    looks like a good base for a new project, good luck Speedy.


    The ’80 is my favorite year. It just all seemed to come together cosmetically.
    Good luck on the bid…


    for the record i’m not so sure about this one folks , maybe parts value ?
    a 76/77 b1/b2 is worth so much , and an 80 g model/ltd is worth so much …
    but an 80 g model/ltd with a b1/b2 engine is far from original , and is unlikely to hold any value but is also going to prove expensive to get it back to something like it should be …
    bearing in mind the b1/b2 engine ran off a seperate regulator and seperate rectifier , and the 1980 g model ran off a combined regulator/rectifier , with one extra wire than the b3/b4 ….
    the electrics should be at the least an interesting hybrid ?
    and please bear in mind there is little information in the listing .
    the engine runs but rough … carb balancing or big ends ??
    b1/b2 front master cylinder , strange front handlebars …
    and the sheer expense of having the well pitted front fork tubes sorted , minimum ?80 , plus fuel to bristol …
    ony for the brave … but what do you all think ??


    😯 no i agree bud thats my thinking to so if anybody wants it fill your boots im sure a Y1 or a CSR will show up shortly 😀

    KWAKON wrote:
    for the record i’m not so sure about this one folks , maybe parts value ?…

    Well you sure win the award for “most observant”. I didn’t even notice the things you pointed out, but I guess that’s because I wasn’t buying it…

    On the other hand, should anyone here buy it, let me make an offer on the side covers….


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