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    all well up here in sunny yorkshire sir,will have to sort a date to all meet at jacks hill cafe one sunday 😀


    Hey Lonesome, been meaning to take a ride up your way to see how things are. Time just keeps slipping away. Will ring soon and arrange a visit to see the new machine. 😎


    Hi guys. Well it took a while, ok a couple of years 🙁 but finally I got myself a beautiful running veehickle.

    The original lonesome engine, beautifully rebuilt by ChrisLWG (is he around these days?) rustles peacefully in a frame from a scrapyard and many and various bits from my bumper bag of lonesome goodies. Best of it is it has stainless steel pipes with balance tube sprouting Dunstall Decibel ‘silencers’ 🙂

    God I still love these things. Now all I got to do is get the thing thru the DVLA, then the MOT, then find some tax and insurance cash groan.

    On the up side, after all this time I finally got decent job, starting 5th Aug. Reckon the bike should be ready for first meet around, say Christmas 😆

    Cheers guys, thx 4 still being here, hows you lot?


    Look fwd to it mate, been a while since you dropped by. One day I’ll even get to take the bloody thing out!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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