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    Its been too long since I checked out this website, kinda forgot about it for no particular reason, but I’m back baby!

    I thought I would share some pics of my ongoing twin project. Its got a bunch of one-off parts, most of which I made myself. In its most recent iteration, the engine was setup with custom cams, port and polish, decked head, custom high compression Venoilia pistons (78mm), breathing through RS-34 carbs and a custom stainless exhaust which I made myself. I had it out for a road trip this summer and it performed great, not too bad with 62 hp to the wheel with stock displacement. However something was amiss as it starting blowing smoke out of the breather like a choo choo train. I’m blaming the cheap aftermarket one piece oil rings. I thought the bike was good before, but like a proper gearhead I want more power so I’m in the process of doing a big bore conversion. Here’s some gratuitous pics!

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    Hi Doctorot,

    welcome back and congrats to your very nice Twin !

    I am sure it is a lot of fun in the mountains with it šŸ˜‰

    Cheers, Michael

    PS: In regards to engine tuning I can support you with some information. On our german Z750Twin community website there is a portrait of a Twin I’ve bought just last week !
    Manfred built it and there is a lot of documentation in the lower part of that story. Maybe Google will help in translating that.



    Hey Michael


    thanks for that link, very cool build for sure. i wish google translate worked on handwritten text as it looks like there is a ton of info there. I haven’t been able to find what his static compression was, are you aware if he has written it in the notes?


    thanks for sharing



    Hi Vic,

    final compression after the piston was “manipulated” a bit (pockets for valves, pinch-off edge(?)) and cylinder foot gasket (1mm) and cylinder head gasket (1mm) are used is 9,57:1.

    This engine runs with stock LTD ignition (pointless) and single spark plug per cylinder.

    Cheers, Michael


    Welcome back Doctorot

    That’s a very smart restorationĀ and what a nice colour.

    The pics are great. Thank you for sharing.


    That looks fantastic Doctorot. A lot of ā€œspecialsā€ look like codges, but that one is more like a factory job. Very smart and looks up to date, not forty or so years old.

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    Yes i agree, it’s a great build no doubt. A lot of attention to details and it shows. I wonder though, where did you obtain the decal on the r/h casing showing the old emblem of Kawasaki.




    That’s a beauty Doc.Ā  You done well sir!


    thanks fellas.

    -Gizburn, its a custom ignition cover I designed and cast myself.if you want to see my complete documented build you can find it here> https://kzrider.com/forum/11-projects/598240-saving-a-1980-750-twin?start=0

    the casting process starts on page 22

    Here are some pics from my ongoing 906cc engine build with custom JE pistons and sleeves. I j bored the crank cases for the larger sleeves this weekend. My machinist is making custom valve guides so that valves with a 7mm stem can be used with 1mm bigger on the intake valve. Also, because he is stuck inside during a quarantine with little else to do, he is giving me his full valve train package heavily discounted. This means titanium valves, titanium retainers, and bee-hive springs, It should rev to the moon!

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