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    Hi Lonesome Twins,

    it was time to give some more TLC to Maria’s LTD.
    She got it from me last year as a birthday present, after I have bought it for 888,- Euros.
    Just needed a new battery and was ready to run.

    She rides this bike with confidence, but during our last tour suddenly the head lights (low beam + high beam) went off. Bulb is ok, so there must be something else.

    Despite of that the cylinder head gasket and the valve cover gasket were leaking.
    A new front tire was needed in addition.

    Well, started working on these items and found even more to repair and TLC.

    Swapped head light holder, removed swing arm to clean and grease the bearings, used a 1.0 mm copper head gasket, new sealed battery, fixed the throttle armature to steering bar, etc.

    I’ve got the new front tire mounted, Maria painted the tire naming in white, and I selected a new pair of front brake discs, disconnected, sprayed and reconnected all cable plugs, etc.

    New front wheel bearings are needed, I have ordered them yesterday. Hope to get the old bearings out. Had a first try, but it isn’t easy to hit the bearing as the inner sleeve doesn’t move enough to fit the “thorn” to get it out.

    Found a “blown” fuse in strange condition. Hope replacing that will cure the head light issue.

    To be finished shortly.

    Cheers, Michael


    forgot to mention that I will fit a brand new BSM 2-in-2 exhaust (550,- Euros NOS) to this bike.
    E-certified, so not an issue with our TÜV (yours MOT).
    Front crash bars with additional foot rests are already mounted.
    Only the best for my Babe’s bike 😉
    Cheers, Mike


    Looking good Michael. Maria is spoilt but that is no more than she deserves lol


    For the peace of mind I had to remove the oil pan and to check the oil strainer.
    Changed engine oil and filter as well 😉


    tada, the new exhaust in the sun, still touched several times and not polished yet.

    It is LTD shape of silencers, but the upper edge of the downpipes is slim.
    Can’t be fitted with the short LTD half moons, the long half moons of a B-model are needed.


    I too have a BSM 2 into 2 exhaust system. It was made for the B model. When I fitted it to my CSR I needed to fit a slight bend in the downpipes just in front of the riders footpegs to take them away from the frame as they touched as standard.

    They do look and sound good. I am going to fit mine to my B1 until I manage to find an original system.


    Moved on with Maria’s LTD:

    Swing arm bearing cleaned and greased
    Steering head bearing cleaned and greased
    Both bearings are fine.

    New front wheel bearings, one sealing ring was missing and that killed one bearing.

    Fitted the front fork legs back to the triple trees and found that on leg is about 3 cm longer than the other one, with the top ends being flush with the upper tree !

    Decided to disassamble the fork legs but can’t open the lower central screw.
    Grabbed another LTD fork from storage, disassambled that one and found it was incorrect assambled and parts are missing.
    Ok, grabbed the last loose LTD fork and disassambled that one. Out of that puzzle I made one front fork with the best parts on hand and new oil seal.
    Need to buy some fork oil later today to get it completed.

    The light issue is not really solved but I have got a complete set of glass-tube-fuses in 30mm length, as I have found a defective fuse.
    For better light I will swap the Bilux lamp with an H4-Lamp and matching reflector.

    To allow comfortable travelling with the bike, I have bought a Denfeld baggage carrier incl. two plastic side bags in very good condition. I mounted the carrier to the bike without any issues.
    Tested the side bags and found that I can not open and close the rear “snapper” that fixes the bag to the carrier. It was blocked by the rear blinkers. Made an adapter from heavy foam, covered it with black tape, made spacer tubes and used longer screws in the mudguard and cable ties to fix them using existing holes in the carrier.
    Now bags can be removed and fitted easily and seat can be opened when right hand bag is removed.

    To be continued 😉
    Cheers, Michael


    Your doing a stealth job there Michael as usual. Keep it up for the lovely Maria I’m sure she appreciates your work. Must start mine again soon . . .


    Nearly finished 😉

    I could not mount the BSM exhaust correctly.
    Issues with rear pegs holder.
    Will dig into that as times come.
    So again the old stock LTD exhaust is in use.

    After doing some more mods (side stand and switch) and restoration (new flasher relais) Maria wanted to try another set of tank and side covers in special painting.

    She had a test ride for approx. 20 km and copper head gasket is leaking.
    Not sure what happened ?
    Will swap with an aftermarket one.

    Cheers, Michael


    After we went more than 7.000 km to and in Norway and the drive chain broke on the very last stage, approx. 250 km away from home, I had to sort the mess out !

    Bike has the dirt of 7.000km on it !

    After removal of clutch cover it was possible to hammer out the broken clutch pushrod.
    The broken cover of the drive shaft is replaced and now it is time to get a new chain set and a new rear tire.

    It is heading in the right direction 😉

    Cheers, Michael

    PS: The bent chain guard damaged all ten outer spokes on drive side and even broke one spoke off !

    PPS: Last pic shows how it was after the incident and we brought the bike back home on a trailer.


    The more I hear about this story the more blessed I realise Maria is. Things could have been so different.

    I know she is in very capable hands with you on board. I am sure her bike will be second to none when you have finished.


    Maria is a lucky girl 😉

    She also helped to clean the bike and loves to polish parts – on the kitchen table.
    But I have to separate them from the bike and bring it into the kitchen 😉

    We spoke about the incident again, after she found the broken spoke when cleaning the rear wheel.

    She said, she felt nothing of all the cracking and bending, just sudden revving up of the engine and that there is no “momentum” available anymore.

    Silencers and new chain guard are polished, the swingarm as well and the new rear tire is mounted on a spare rear wheel with stainless steel spokes. Looks nice.

    Ok, my job is to fit it back to the Twin 😉

    Cheers, Michael

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