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    Hi Lonesome Twins,
    as I can’t start a thread in any other forum I do it here šŸ˜‰
    Sure some of you know me and I’ve introduced some of my Z750Twins already.

    This time I just want to show you what I’ve did in the past two months.
    A friend of mine wanted to modify a 1983 GPZ305, also known as EX305.
    He lost the momentum and wanted to get rid of it, in a complete disassambled condition.
    The price was low, the parts complete to rebuild the bike.

    He already change the rear frame, shortened and welded in a loop. As this is something the german TƜV needs to approve, (and it is not done yet), the idea was to rebuild it for the racetrack !
    Ok, probably not the best bike for it, but my son and I will give it a try next week.
    Lightweight 137 kg (without fuel), small but very “grippy” Conti tires on 18″ wheels, dual disc front brake, 6 speed gearbox and incredible 34HP at 11.000 rpm. That sounds like RACING !

    Here some pics:

    and much more parts in boxes.

    Well, this is what we’ve made out of it and it is fully operational, just a little bit here and there to improve.

    rebuild the engine, modified carbs and airfilters

    and finally it got recessed footpegs for a better position ob the bike.
    Feels good, we hope to have some fun šŸ˜‰

    Cheers, Michael

    PS: Front fairing is lowered by approx. 10cm (3 inch) and the front wheel incl. fender needs some additional space. So I traded in another fairing, and cut it to match. The typical GPZ style at it’s best šŸ˜‰

    The rear tire in racing rubber compound (brand new):

    Will show the tire after the trackdays again šŸ˜‰


    Hi Lonesome Twins,

    I had some fun on the track with this little GPZ. The girlfriend of my son loves this bike and she wants to make her bike driving license until spring 2020. So this will be her first bike and we will modify it to be roadlegal again.

    Here some pics:

    My son following me on a Suzuki SV650S

    so much fun

    full brake after the start/finish straight, see how little space is between front fender and fairing!

    need to remove the center stand šŸ˜‰

    rear tire after 135km on the track

    the upper one is the already replaced front tire, now an Avon pure race tire (NHS) is mounted and that is the better one for the track.

    Well, it was a good experience to ride a leightweight bike with slim tires on the track. You can learn a lot out of that, but I love my 750Twin more on the track.


    PickedĀ  up a 250 versionĀ  of this a coupleĀ  of years ago,did not know they made one .to fare goneĀ  to restoreĀ  top end of the engine shot probablyĀ  why it was took of the road tax disc saysĀ  98.sold my vfr400 and rgv250 that i had for track days,was thinkingĀ  of puttingĀ  a 440 engine in it and makingĀ  a road legalĀ  trackday bike out of it.cos I do miss them


    Looks like a fun little bike.Ā  Couple good shots of you too.Ā  I am sure she’ll like it on the street.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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