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    Ha Ha never noticed before that even the wheels are split color!


    Hi Lonesome Twins,

    I haven’t finished my introduction of Twins 😉
    Just posted in another thread that I am upgrading this bike in the moment.

    It has a Z750B1 ’76 frame (shortened) => single person only
    motor and electric is CSR 750
    fuel tank and carbs are LTD750
    special rear swing arm (original dimension) by KrugerJunginger
    BSM exhaust 2-in-1 (for LTD)
    Front fork, wheels and brakes from other Kawasakis
    selfmade seat and rear
    SPECIAL: left side is black, right side is green ;-)))

    Here some pictures of my “JnH” after I got it finished and TUV approved:



    Looks great Michael! Nice job.


    A long time no post in regards to this bike.

    Currently it is named “Back in Black” 😉

    I am using it as often as I can. It is working very well, K+Ns and a bit louder exhaust makes it a fantastic ride.

    The idea of painting one half in black (this time the right hand side) and the left hand side in lime green isn’t gone and I am sure I will do it at some stage in the future 😉

    Cheers, Michael


    Beautiful Michael.


    I have done it!
    Bought a not brand new, but never used Mikuni TM34-120 carb set.

    Will mount it to the Caferacer to test it, but final destination is to feed my 906cm³ engine 😉

    Cheers, Michael


    Me Jealous? Certainly not.

    I am very interested to see how these perform.


    Hope to fit them at this weekend, at the latest 😉

    I am very curious as well.


    The carbs are fitted !

    Not perfect, as I need other throttle cables and throttle armature, but should be ok for a first test run later this Sunday. Weather forecast states it will be sunny, dry and up to 18°C / 65°F 😉

    This night, to do a first test:
    Flooded the bowls, pulled the choke, pressed the starter and engine started instantaneously at first rev !
    As if these carbs are made for this engine.

    More information and latest pics tomorrow after the test ride.

    Cheers, Michael


    Except the wrong throttle cable everything worked extremely well !

    Cold or hot start of the engine, no problem !
    Idling at constant speed, no problem !
    Had to adjust the accelerator pump (just a Philips headed screw) to act at a very early stage.

    Could accelerate at low revs in 5th gear without any issues. Very clear connection and feedback between throttle grip and engine, very nice. Not a vulminat improvement over the LTD carbs with Dynojet kit (both with K+Ns) at low revs, I would say, but without any failure.

    Not any pitch or patch from the exhaust, neither when acceralerating nor decelerating.

    The real fun starts at high revs.
    I guess from 5.000 rpm upwards the engine doesn’t stop further reving up.
    It’s scary and I’ve interrupted high rev acceleration in 3rd or 4th gear at some point by shifting into next gear.
    Don’t have a rev counter fitted !

    The intake noise hasen’t changed significant against the LTD carbs.

    Needed force to turn and hold the throttle grip has increased by, let me guess, 30-50%.

    It is a bit complicated to fit the tank and the throttle cable. Both at same side and height/position/space.
    In my case there is a Pingel fuel cock used. This collides with the already mounted throttle cable and the throttle cabe hasn’t much space below the flanges of the fuel tank.

    Finally I managed to get it mounted 😉

    Looks like issues, that can be solved and overall performance is fine.
    Maybe some “funnels” instead of the K+Ns can improve the intake noise 😉

    Overall a good experience, we four riders had much fun today and I have nice coloured downtubes now !

    Cheers, Michael


    It was time to change the drive chain kit.
    As I use intentionally factory-closed O-ring chains without locks, it is necessary to remove the swing arm. Ok, more work but ensures to check the swing arm bearing as well.

    Pics from yesterday evening:

    Cheers, Michael

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