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    apologies for no capitals and bad typing at present my right hand is in a cast and i’m rubbish with my left.
    my name is keith I live in leeds and I owned a z750 in 76 new.
    it was very special too me since I met my wife, whilst I owned it.
    she’d never been on a bike before and loved it from the first ride.
    in 80 I put my beloved bike in for service at the local kwaka shop, that night their servicing side burnt down and mine along with several others were written off.
    I got a brilliant deal on a z1000mk but always regretted the loss off the z750 babe magnet.
    i’m now thinking of getting another one since I’ve retired and need an hobby.


    Hello Keith and welcome

    Your history is kinda similar to mine. I had a Z1000 MkII when I met my misses (at the time) which I sold to pay for our wedding and bought mu first 750 twin.

    I don’t think you will go far wrong with a twin as a retirement project. I’m not quite at retirement stage yet but have 5 in my garage so far. Yes it is full so I now have plans for a 2nd even bigger garage. Mine are the CSR version (M model)

    There are a few knocking about at the moment but think they are the next big project as they can pull £2500 to £3000

    Most parts are still available so whatever you pick up will be doable one way or another

    Speak soon



    hi kap’ain,

    when I said hobby I meant something I can ride, I’ve enough old bikes wanting to be restored.
    sitting in my garage fiddling with spanner in hand i’m getting bored in this weather, I want to be out.
    we do sound like our histories do sound similar.
    I had a red z750 and a blue mk2.

    I remember at the time saying that triumph should have based a model on the z750, they may have stayed in business.
    I my reg number was rww28r, I doubt it was ever rebuilt.
    but another z750 would bring back great memories.



    You’re in the right place for a Z750 revival in your life Keith. Hope you pick one up and join in with us here at

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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