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    I need to get some up to date pics

    I took some today but they are only bits of the bike

    this pic is also on the old site


    Pics of only bits??? Is she stripped down then?


    when I say bits I mean i did’nt get the whole bike in


    today I changed the front 16 tooth sprocket for a 17 tooth one

    and changed the oil filter o-ring so hopefully it wont drip any more


    Had i ride to the wetlands centre at washington tonight

    the turn out there was very poor usually there are a lot more bikes

    (It would not let me post in meets)

    My brother and I were there

    we went on from there to sunderland

    my cousin bought a 750 today so we went to help him unload it from the van

    unfortunately it’s a yamaha triple (1979 so still a classic)

    good news is the battery on the chopper seems to be charging now

    and the extra tooth on the front sprocket makes it not rev so much


    Thursday night was bike night at the garage, burnhope

    I will try to remember to get pics next time

    If you are on facebook you should be able to look it up and get more info

    here is the official site


    I have a bit of an oil leak

    It’s coming from the top of the engine


    looks like the chopper is going to be out of action for a couple of days

    while the top is off we thought it might be a good idea to check the shims

    both exhaust shims checked out ok

    both the inlets were tight (zero clearance)

    next problem get the shims out

    trying to figure out how the batman sign worked

    ok got it. easy when you know how. lol

    the shims i had lying around were all to big

    a phone call to a local dealer. they said they had shims, the next size down and a selection

    my brother went and got shims but they did not have the size the said they had. this turned out not to be a problem because the shims they supplied were the wrong size (not 32mm)

    my brother went back to the shop and got the only 3 32mm shims they had

    we put a smaller shim in and worked out we needed 2x 265 shims but only had one that size

    back on the phone tried another bike shop who said they keep them in the workshop but would not sell any

    next on the phone was the nearest kawasaki dealer who told us they don’t keep them in stock but could order them

    back on the phone to the first shop again. ordered shims which should be in on tuesday

    hardly worth putting the top back on, re-tensioning the cam chain,new gasket, etc. just for two days


    As an alternative you could have asked me. I have a decent stock of shims here and know where there are many more at very reasonable prices.

    Out of interest how much has he charged you?


    Is your oil leak head gasket or rocker cover?


    I think the oil leak is from one of the plugs above the inner head bolts

    I knew you had shims but i did not know when you would be on next

    however we will be checking the csr next

    the shims are £7 each


    got the shims in the chopper

    went to the bike night at the garage @burnhope again, but not on the bike

    the weather cant make it’s mind up


    just a thought about exhausts

    i need to replace the exhaust on my chopper

    it currently has 2 into 1 the problem is the headers don’t fit well so it burns out the gaskets

    i like 2 into 1 because of the savaging although i have been told 2 into 2 sound better

    a crossover pipe like the original exhaust seems to be a compromise

    then i remembered the montjuic i used to have (no compromises on one of those)

    it had a full x cross in the exhaust (meant removing the exhaust system to drain the oil)

    it would mean extra cost but would it be worth it when i have the exhaust rebuilt?

    even though its a chop i would not mind an extra couple of horses for the same fuel consumption

    if you have any thoughts please let me know

    apologies to you standard guys (i did not/will not massacre a good un)


    the back wheel is off the csr

    it’s away having a new tyre on

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