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    Purchased this year a 1980 Z750b from fleabay for £1100 complete bike but? Not had a spanner laid on it for over 20 years and all nuts and bolts rusted to hell and been a swine to remove parts.
    Plus some one had chopped the main loom why? Got that all sorted and cleaned up the carbs added fresh fuel and started on the button with a new battery. Rear end been striped down and had the s/arm and othe parts powder coated, seat unit been rebuilt with new foam, cover and fittings, new chain and sprockets, picked up a pair of rear shocks from Stafford show so its all done. Moving on to engine next and just needs oil and filter change and tubes of autosolvo and elbow grease to clean up. All ready done the forks with new oil seals and dust covers and fresh oil. Found that Zpower being a good source of spares for the old girl.
    Hope to have on the road for next spring and shall keep you informed re progres. Not sorted out as yet re how to download photos to the forum so any help would be good.


    That’s quite a story so far n well done you. I’m guessing you have a B4 model. Fire away with any questions you may have n post some pics please. Whereabouts in Yorkshire are you?


    Live in Yarm. Shall post photo’s when get to down load.


    That is a nice looking bike you have there.

    I am confused as to which model though. It’s registration(1980)suggests a B4 whereas the engine is a B1/B2. My guess it is an incorrectly aged B2 model import. I think that colour is B2 as well.

    Can anyone else contribute better?


    After a might more hunting I am going for a wrongly dated B2. B3 and B4 had caliper behind the fork leg.


    Hi KK,

    I would go for a B2 as well 😉
    1977 KZ750-B2
    Frame numbers: KZ750B-016101 – 025629
    Engine numbers: KZ750BE016101 – 025652
    Color: Diamond Brown

    Cheers, Michael

    PS: Nice looking bike, good condition for it’s age !


    Hi. Thanks for all the input. Getting confused re model year.Log book states first regastration 26/02/1980 and same for uk. Frame number kz750b 024586 Engine kz750be024605.Last owner was in 1998 and had 10 former owners. Feel that would not have been an import in the 80’s? Been looking at info re models and under the impression that a 79? Its a mystery.
    Besides all that Im enjoying restoring the old girl back to its former glory. Had problems when restoring last bike Z1300 re getting hold of spares. But the Z750 finding hard to get hold of.


    Definately a B2 then. The colour, generator and brakes are all B2 and both frame and engine numbers are B2. These were manufactured 1977 but the log book is the year of registration. It could have been sat in a dealership for a couple of years before getting registered. Nothing to worry about.

    My CSR’s are 1981 year of manufacture but 1982 year of registartion.

    If your after parts shout up. we will all see what we have in our sheds. There are a few places where you can get New stuff but expect to pay for that. The odd bargain does come on ebay.


    Well guys. Get down into the shed with a torch and start looking. Need front and rear callipers with loose bleed nipples. Do not mind rebuilding with new pistons, seals. But will need full boot set as well.
    prices look to be around £50 per calliper to rebuild.
    Need a good condition rev/counter cable.
    front wheel spindle, as the one on bike unable to part at the mo, though do have it soaking in oil.
    just let me know re price and postage.


    think I have a spare cable in lock up …will let you know in week sometime


    Nice Bike and colour mate.

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