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    Has anyone got a working Starter Motor for sale or know where i can source one?

    I am hoping i may be able to get a patten one or the starter actually is inter changable with another model bike, as Z750 parts are scarce



    These are quite a rare commodity. In all my time with twins I have never seen a new one. No one makes an aftermarket version and as far as I am aware these are unique to our twins.

    Like all things with moving parts they do have a limited life span and as the starter is unprotected at the front of the engine they get probably more than their fair share of abuse.

    If you manage to find a 2nd hand one (they do come up) don’t forget you can never know what it’s lifespan is likely to be,

    The best way forward is to refurbish the one you have. The parts to do this are available but they are not cheap and a bit of skill and ability is required to do it correctly so if you don’t have the confidence get someone to do it for you. I will keep an eye out for one for you.

    Good luck.



    Thanks KK, I have sent this guy an email will call him tomorrow, I have 2 starter motors so I may try to get both done, if one is successful I will be happy, if both work I can sell one to someone here if someone is in need of one.

    Worst case I will just have to improve my kicking technique



    Blimey, if he can refurb 750 twin starters with guarentee he is a hero and can have my money! My Project had a slow starter, a pain when trying to set carbs etc. I rooted thru my spares stash and fitted  a dirty old starter to see if it was any better. It spins the engine like a washing machine! Best 750 twin starter ever! They are out there and it is possible!!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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