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    My name is Tony and I have joined with my

    B3. I’ve had it since February and try to get out most weekends. This is my first bike in 20 years my last one then was a Honda Blackbird, this is a little different but I love it. The guy I brought it from changed the pipes and you can now hear me coming from a mile off, which I see as a good safety feature. My bike has a few things wrong with it mainly electrical but I think that is to be expected on something that is 41 years old. I’m hoping to register it as a historic vehicle so I can ride into London and not worry about the ULEZ charge.

    loving this site.




    Hello Mungo6 and welcome.

    That is a nice looking B3 you have there. does she run as good as she looks?

    I also have a ZRX1200R. Like you say a completely different ride both of which are enjoyed for different reasons.

    Whay electrical issues are you having?

    Your not to far away from my sister in Camberley.

    Glad you are enjoying the site.




    Hello Kaptain,

    She runs really well, my electrical issues are she will not start on the button, which I think is the cable from the solenoid to the starter, I need a new light switch as mine is broken and has been replaced with a separate unit. And my right rear indicator has stopped working which I know is a broken cable. My brother in law lives in Camberley so I’m over there quite a lot. We have a motorcycle club although his bike is in pieces at the moment so we don’t get out much.

    Cheers T

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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