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    Welcome Gaz, Great introduction and good find on the exhaust jigs. I’m sure someone here will know about the petcock, what’s wrong with the old one and could it be repaired??


    hiya gaz,petcock kits can be found on ebay 😀


    Hi all from Australia,
    Just bought a 77′ from Susan and Ian and found a fellow in Perth West Australia who has jigs for the exhaust, they are being made as I type.The tach didn’t work so I pulled it apart,it had a litle nut jammed in it, great fun – if it stuffs up again it’s out.There seems to be a lot of tachs in the U S. What I need now is a petcock, does anyone know if one from other models fit? I’m having it painted green and would like the decals, again I found some in the U S but not for green bikes. These bikes are not that common up here (we think the maps are wrong and we are actually on the top of the world)so it is great to find this site.


    Hi Philpass
    I have a kit on the way from Zpower in NSW, the tap seems pretty sloppy though.Z1 Enterprises in the U.S.have alternatives with single outlet, the problem being the 750 has two outlets at right angles.I may try a single outlet with an inline tee piece.I have the same problem with a 73′ GT550 Suzy, no kits available, though Z1 have adapter kits.I think the fellow who invented vacuum operated taps deserves a couple of bits removed from his anatomy. I also have 66′ Triumph Trophy runs on the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid – works for me.
    Cheers all.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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