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    Just starting my ZL750 project, lots of work to do but likin it already!

    Captain, what is the purpose of the tube with bung sticking out of my subframe?

    Now with pics (I hope) !!!


    Hi Richh

    Sorry I missed this post but here goes;

    After several theories I believe this tube was intended for a security device. There was apparently a wire with lock supplied as an anti theft device and this was docked in the tube. I do not know if it was an extra or if ever supplied for use with the twins that have it.

    If anyone knows anything better please shout up.


    Yes. That was always my understanding too. Pop the cap off and look inside for a cable. I checked mine some years ago and didn’t see anything. 🙁


    I’ve had a look tonight and there is a groove machined in the top of the tube. Looks like something could be anchored there. I think the locking device is a cert, mystery over!


    Hi Rich,

    I have seen this looking device once now!
    It is a steel rope, has a mushroom-shaped head, can be pulled out from the frame and fits into a lock that is mounted at the right hand side, below the pillion seat. There is a (unused) lug with two holes in it to allow mounting of the lock.

    To bad I didn’t take any pics of that.
    Hope to meet the guy with his LTD+sidecar at the german Z750Twin meeting in 2017.

    No idea how this option could be ordered at that time.


    Playing with project and am looking at wiring, witchcraft and other evil!!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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