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    Hello all from metropolitan Washington, D.C.

    Just got my first Z750 twin this past September. At first I was skeptical about the bike because of its age & that there are so few configured like it but now, I wouldn’t have any other bike. 😉

    One day would like to Ride around Europe.


    Hello Iceman and welcome to the Lonesometwin forum.

    I am sure you will not regret buying your twin.

    As you can see we have plenty of help and support here.

    You would be very welcome here as you would in Germany where the twin is more popular. I’m sure Michael from the German Website will be along to tell you more.

    Please post some pictures of your twin in the Members Rides section for us all to see.

    Last year we had the 2nd International 750 twin meeting in Belgium. We met the German twin club there (they meet annually) and got what we claim to be the biggest ever 750 twin meeting where I think it was 36 Z750 twins all inn one place. You would be more than welcome to join in the next International meeting.

    Enjoy the site.


    Hi Iceman,

    welcome to the Lonesome Twins !
    This is the way we can meet again, on a virtual basis at least 😉

    The Lonesome Twins from UK are a great bunch of people and their native language is english !!!

    Find the pics of the 2. International Z750Twin meeting in Belgium here:

    Check out the videos here at the Lonesome Twin forum, related to this great meeting !

    Cheers, Michael


    Just to let you know:
    This is KaptainKwak (KK) and me (Michael) together in Belgium at the meeting 2014.
    (left to right)
    KK is pushing the UK guys and I do it with the german guys 😉
    KK has got the award for the “Best CSR” !

    Cheers, Michael


    Thank you for the welcome. I Will post some pics up right away. I’m not shy when it comes to that 😉

    And yes, I’ve met Michael (in the virtual world 😉 and am glad that I had the good fortune to meet him and others on the companion site. I learned a lot there * have much more to learn about the twin.

    Anyway, will post pics then read around the forum some more.


    I have met Michael in the virtual world and in the real world too!

    Haa Haa you don’t know what’s coming.

    I have spotted you on the Kawasaki twin site I believe. More fun and games there

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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