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    Hello 750 twin lovers around the world i just purchased a CSR750 from dk in skoke which you will all herd of them, will get some pics up with this post if i can and im gunna need loads of help as i know nothing about 750 twins so be prepared to have your brains melted to goo goo

    regards dave from yorshire


    Hi Dave,

    this bike looks great and is very close to stock condition except paint / color.
    The carbs where replaced by other ones incl. new ckoke actuation.
    Not sure about the rev counter incl. the fuel gauge ?
    This kind of mounting the crash bars isn’t the best way to do it 😉

    For sure Kaptainkwak will verify what is stock CSR as he owns several of them 😉

    Welcome to the Lonesome Twins !

    Cheers, Michael

    PS: Where are you based ?
    Yor(k)shire, UK ?


    Welcome Dabbler. Was watching that one on fleabay. Like Michael says it’s reasonably stock. Forks, indicators, carbs n rev counter stand out to me but condition is pretty excellent. I also agree with Michael about those engine bars. They arnt mounted well.
    Anyway fire away with your questions.

    He is from Bradford Michael. That’s about 40 miles from me and 12 miles from Philpass so he is amongst friends muwahaha


    welcome matey,im in dewsbury


    Thanks for the welcome well i was looking to find out about horn button not working but i sorted it out wire broke a bit of solder job done at some point starter clutch making noise but first gunna get it registered with dvla hope to get M.O.T next week then i might have all paper work ready to send. i have already been reading all the post on starter clutch the post and pics that MICHAEL has put up fantastic will help me loads

    cheers for now guys

    hello in dewsbury

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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