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    Hi Guys ,thought id beter introduce myself ! i am an avid biker since the age of about 13 thats about 45 years now, my how time flies,i have always been into big Zeds having worked at a dealer ship in Birmingham in the mid to late 70s actually selling these when they were new.
    i now have a bit of a collection although most had to be sold the ex wife took me to the cleaners so the Z1B had to go along with the T150v and assorted xs650s but i did manage to keep my 750b2 and T140v so not all a loss mind you that was over 10 years ago now ,I told you time flies,
    Anyway at the moment i have a stable of 5
    2x z750 B2/3
    hinckley Legend, which at the moment is my on the road bike.
    The Zeds are in varying states of rebuild the black one in the pictures is now complete and should be going for its MOT soon, the half built one is a KZ import that is now on the bench and totally stripped,as it was siezed solid, ready for fresh paint and rebuild and the other is basicallty a large box of bits ,this is going to be a ‘cafe racer’ when time and funds allow.
    Well thats me hope to get some useful info over the next rebuild ,i will post some piccies as it progresses,or not,


    Hi and welcome Bighaz. Where abouts are you from?
    That’s quite a tale there but at least it hasn’t ended in total disaster. I’m sure you will manage to pick up a few tips here but sounds like you will be able to share some too. Have a good look round the site and post some pics. We like pics.


    Ye sorry about that have a tendancy to ramble a bit ,must be an age thing, im located just out side Burton on Trent village called castle gresley right in the heart of the national forest and not a million miles from the Vic at Coalville.


    Welcome sir, some of us are meeting on the 13th at the ton up day at jacks hill cafe at towcester, would be good to meet up


    Hey BigHaz.
    Nice of you to give us some background,sounds like you have quite a lot to bring to the table so to speak.
    Welcome aboard mate. 🙂


    Hi Bighaz,

    welcome to the Lonesome Twins !

    Cheers, Michael


    I know The Vic at Coalville pretty well. I’ve been there on overnight trips a few times and even had a Christmas Party there.

    Have you seen the pics on the home page? Maybe we should try and organise another trip there?


    Thanks guys for all the greetings , once i get the Kwak on the road ill be getting out and about so hopefully should meet some of you at the gatherings .

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