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    Finally got meself a Kz750 from someone who’d previously imported it. Few small jobs to do, sort exhaust, headlight plus a bit of wiring but the hardest part to find is a rear master cylinder seal (rocking horse teeth!) Also noticed today that the front wheel has a fairly large ding in it but I ‘might’ be able to knock it out, don’t know yet.
    Anyhoos I’ve been wanting one for years, had a huge amount of bikes but never a 750 twin, I originally wanted one to do a flat tracker but I think I’ll leave this one alone as it’s in pretty good nick from what I’ve looked at so far.
    Thanks Kaptainkwack for letting me join.
    Looking forward to the good times


    Welcome Cowelly and congratulations on the new ride. Post up a picture when you can.


    Welcome sir


    Hi Cowelly. Glad you made it in.

    Pictures of your bike would be good to see. It is good to hear that you are keeping this one original rather than cannibalising her.

    If your in need of help with parts shout up we may just have them. Have you tried Zpower for your rear master cylinder seals?



    Welcome to the side and I’m glad you found something you can work with I hope you have a ton of fun with it.  I am a newbie on the site also and look forward to  working with fellow KZ750 twin owners.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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