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    Nice timing Michael, This is my next job on the project i’m doing.

    Ive picked up some not to bad condition headlamp brackets, Going to see if I can get them on,& still get the headlight between them? It looks like a tight fit? 😕


    Hi Tango,

    the XBR500 brackets match the original headlight of the 750Twins very well. I have just used some – estimated 3 to 5 mm – spacers /washers between holder and lamp to fix the headlight firmly without bending the aluminium XBR brackets to much.
    Sometimes I am using a wind screen which holders fit in there without the spacers.

    To fit these head light holders you have to move the fork legs out of the triple trees(?). They are a single piece unit, simple bolt on to a complete front fork is not possible.

    Cheers, Michael


    Very handy to know Michael And your right it looks good too.

    Cheers for sharing


    Hi Lonesome Twins,

    if you would like to swap the head light holder there are a lot of universal head light holders out there.
    If you like to have a clean and “worthful” holder try the ones from a Honda XBR500. Just an easy adjustment to the rubbers in the holder and you’ve got it 😉
    Not the cheapest choice but much more clean and elegant than the universal ones 😉

    Have fun,


    Hi KK,

    Thank You 😉

    Cheers, Michael

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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