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    Well it’s been a while, but I’m back in the fold. To me the Z750 isn’t just a bike, it’s more of a mechanical dog. Not in the ‘this is shit’ sense, more in the comfy feeling you get just having it around, and missing it when it’s not there.
    I started for a while when my last one was nicked. I kind of lost interest, then several weeks of sitting in traffic jams on the M6 perked me up a bit and in a mad whirl I got a Triumph Trophy 1200.
    Everything about it felt wrong, the riding position, the handling, the noise, everything. For a start can someone tell me what the point of a fairing is? Seems to me what it does is gather together every molecule of air that hits the bike and directs it straight into your face. Had to wear a full face lid, and even then I got strained neck muscles just going to work. Touring? Don’t make me laugh.
    Plenty of power though, yes. By 90 all I could do was duck behind the screen like a boy on his first moped and wait for it to end, and all the time there was the noise. It’s a liquid cooled 4-cyl, just like my car. It sounds exactly the same as my car, especially at low speed. I don’t want my bike to sound like a Kia, is that wrong?
    So, the hateful lump of plastic is on eBay, and I’ve got this much, much, better lump of metal, courtesy of our good friend Kaptain, and his Konnexions. It’s looking like a ground up resto that the poor guy couldn’t find a decent exhaust for. Or a grabrail. Otherwise everything is clean and shiny, the frame have been stoved, all the nuts and bolts have been replaced and everything works. Needs a little fettling but it’s been in a garage for about 20years and never been out to play.
    That’s my job.


    She looks a lot better than in the original pictures and definitely not a project. VERY shiney.

    It just needs your personalisation’s and away you go.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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