oh look twins

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    the other one is a project


    They look like 2 different models. Do you know their full ID’s and origins?


    the one on the left i bought as is
    its a 76 b1 thats the one i ride most of the time
    the one on the right i bought as a project to build my own chopper
    it came with lots of spares but was more of a project than it looked on ebay
    i had the engine started a couple of weeks ago
    the log book says 78 but the engine number looks like a lower engine number than the other one
    it does have a 16″ rear wheel (drum brake) and a 21″ front
    the engine has been fitted to the frame
    it does not exactly fit in as the lower tubes are to narrow
    so i have an engine and wheels
    just need a new frame and forks
    I am looking at going for springers but have not finally decided yet
    in put from anyone on that idea would be welcome
    I guess i better get my triple sold to fund the project


    78 suggests B2/B3. Does the generator cover have 3 screws visible from the outside like your B1?

    It is very possible the engine is not the original fitted one but if you want to give me both engine and frame No’s I can tell you for definite.

    The 16″ drum didn’t appear until 1982 with the CSR (M) and the Y1. They are distinctively different in that the CSR has chrome rims and the Y1 has alloy rims as well as the number of spokes being different. However again these could have been changed at some point and might even not be from a 750 twin.

    I know nothing about springers apart from the fact they ain’t cheap so sadly cannot help you there.

    I also have quite a vast amount of spares and may be able to help you out with some bits. I will send you a PM


    i dont think the rest of the bike has much to do with the engine
    i dont think the back wheel is from a csr i will check when my brother is here at the weekend


    I checked the back wheels side by side
    the one on the project bike looks very similar to the csr wheel but not identical

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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