One time chance for big bore kit for KZ750 twin – 906cc pistons and sleeves

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    I am having custom JE pistons made to <b>86mm bore – 8mm over stock</b>. This will bring displacement to 906cc.

    The pistons will be designed for around 9/1 compression with the stock head or, as in my case, if you deck the head you can bring compression up to around 10.5/1 for use with bigger cams. JE is also including several features on the pistons to help with wrist pin oiling such as forced oiling – where a hole from the oil ring groove is drilled to the wrist pin bore so as the piston drops it scraps oil and pushes oil into the wrist pin bore.

    LA sleeve is making custom iron sleeves to match the application. Cometic is making custom head gaskets.

    Total cost will be about $800 for pistons and sleeves. another $50-60 for the head gasket. Final price will vary depending on the quantity ordered.

    I understand this is a sizable chunk of change to put into a bike that you can buy for the same amount, but this is what things cost. I’m not including any markup on my end, its a group buy scenario wherein if we get enough orders in the cost will drop.

    This is a one time opportunity and I will only be ordering what is requested. Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested and we can talk details.



    Hi Vic,

    I’ve tried this before and wasn’t successful as these things are more expensive in Germany.

    I’m interested in two sets of these !

    Questions: The stock sleeves have to be removed, the cylinder block maschined to larger diameter. The new sleeves have to be maschined at the outside to fit into the cylinder block and at the inside to match the new pistons.
    Is that included in the mentioned price ?
    Where to get the cylinder blocks from ?
    Tax and shipping to Germany is another thing.

    I have some of them, can remove the stock sleeves to save time and weight, and ship them to you prior to the mods.

    You may send me an e-mail to

    Cheers, Michael


    Hey Michael, I sent you an email and never heard back. Maybe it went in your spam?


    Hi Vic,

    it seems so!
    I am deleting the spam folder on a regular basis without checking every mail.

    Would you please be so kind to resend it to me and I will watch out for it 😉

    Cheers, Michael


    Did you order a batch?

    I’d be game at that price


    Newbie drew

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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