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    Just a word of warning!

    My passport had run out, so I thought I’d go online and get a new one as I will need it in June for the International Meet.
    I checked the renewal free £72.50 ok fine filled in the form with all my details, get to the end of the online form and it takes me to the fee payable page!
    I hit pay and a few days later the paperwork arrives!
    I add my photos, sign it up and send it back to the Passport Office! 🙂


    All is Good? …. NO! Not Quite!
    I get a letter off the Passport Office saying my Passport can not be processed because I hadn’t included payment!
    So I ring them up & explain I had paid online! 😡


    :o( 🙁 😳 😥
    Here is the good Bit!!!

    There are people out there Paying Google to make sure there website is Top of the list on search engines! 😡

    What I had done is pay a firm an admin fee to print the form out and send it to me! It just so happens there fee is exactly the same as the renewal fee! £72.50
    Just so you think it’s your Passport you are paying for!!!

    I had to pay the Guy at the Passport Office again!!
    He said as fast as the government have them removed another one crops up!
    They are doing the same thing with DVLA with Driving Licenses!

    So Now my Passport has cost me £145 😕 😮 😥

    So BE WARNED!!!


    The reality of the situation is he had paid a 3rd party a fee to fill in the forms for him and send them to him. The fee coincidently happened to be exactly the same as the passport renewal fee so as not to raise suspicion that you may be paying a 3rd party. So all in all it has cost Tango £145 to renew his passport.

    Passport office know about this and apparently it is legal. To me it is simply legalised scamming so beware! Always read the small print and be certain who you are sending money to especially when paying online.


    I am going to take a guess here that the Passport office website will be on a .gov site and not a or .com etc. So watch out for anything other than .gov for anything to do with the government (passport, licences, tax and such).


    Oh Well

    I Got home from work today, And although it cost me double! My Passport was waiting for me on the door mat.

    So at least I’ve got it. So I can go on the International Meet!


    Good news buddy.

    I got home from work tonight and my registration document was waiting for me 😀


    Hi guys,

    there are no similar services available in Germany.

    If you have to deal with your passport you have to go to the “passport office” during their restricted opening times.

    If you have to deal with your bikes related paperwork, you have to go to the “vehicles office” at their restricted times and of course it is not in the same building !

    In my case these offices are approx 10 km away from each other.

    No online services available with these offices at all 🙁

    Cheers, Michael


    Well that’s Not very good!

    That must be a real pain trying to fit time in to run around Michael?

    Cheers Mate I feel better that I paid an extra £72

    I would have gladly paid that in Germany to have someone do all that running around! as I bet there are quite some que’s at those official offices!


    You’re right !
    Sometimes I can fit that into my working day, sometimes I have to have a half or even a full day of “holidays” to arrange that stuff 🙁
    Cheers, Michael


    sorry to here you were scammed Tango,
    I always go to the passport office or pay the extra at the post office so I have proof its done correctly for piece of mind


    Actually that is very fair comment Toeknee. I will more seriously consider that option when renewing my passport, licence etc

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