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    Hi Lonesome Twins,

    some of you are looking for more power out of the Twin ?
    Me too !

    One thing is essential for that and that is a modified intake camshaft.
    Some of you know already, that the exhaust camshaft can be modified easily and used as intake camshaft. It is working but not perfect.

    My plan is to get five (5) intake camshafts produced, complete new ones, made in Germany, no modification (e.g. welding, grinding, new hardening) of existing camshaft. The profile of the lobes can be defined individually for each of these five camshafts, so it is your choice to have a more torquey or more high performance one.

    The base circle will match the stock intake camshaft, standard shim sizes can be used to adjust the valve clearance. The camlift will be much higher with over 10 mm instead of the approx. 8 mm of the stock intake camshaft. The lobe center will match the marks on the stock intake camshaft sprocket, so it is easy to adjust.

    These camshafts will provide more or less a plug ‘n’play solution without severe modification of the engine.

    Well, that said, my buying cost is 540,- Euros each and I would sell them at this price plus pp.

    If someone is interested I am very happy if you contact me.
    Either here in the forum or via email to michael.6666[at]


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