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    Well We are down to less than two weeks to go!

    I wanted to give my bike a good run, and put a few motorway miles on the bike before we set off to the 2nd International Meet over in Belgium.

    My plan was to get out and cover all the kinds of riding we will be doing, my bike has not really had much mileage put on it since it has been rebuilt, and to be honest I’m still learning to ride an old classic twin, it really is like being a learner again! I had said I wanted to get the tachometer to be reading 19000+ miles before we go.

    Well KK and myself have managed to do this now, KK wanted to test his mods out to. We managed to get a 160+ mile ride in on Saturday, and I am feeling much more at ease that the bike will be ok. We covered Motorway Riding, Town Stuff and Country Roads, and the bikes took it all in there stride! :pint:


    As I am still playing with my Helmet Cam, ready for getting some memories of the Belgium meet, I put a video together of some of the ride.

    I would imagine a little boring to most, as its just footage of us riding, but I put some music over the top, so take a look if you have a few minuets spare.


    Hi Tango,

    have heard about your “test ride” 🙂

    Clicked on your video and found GEMA restricted access.
    “This video may contain music … rights … not cleared …”

    OK, once again:
    Fuck the GEMA !

    Hi NSA, would you please send this message to their attention 🙂

    Cheers, Michael


    Hi Michael
    Pitty about GEMA!:-(

    I am trying to find some music that will be allowed,for the Belgium video when it’s made, so that everybody should be able to view it.:-)

    My Son is going to show me how to change the pitch of a song just enough so that the Track Identification software will not pick it up? 😉

    Hopefully this will work.


    GEMA is indeed a problem for you Michael and probably everyone else over there. This video file is almost 2Gb in size. Is there anywhere we can upload it to that will allow you access?


    Ok I am not happy with this YouTube identifying songs and then GEMA stopping the video because of it.

    I am hoping to change the tracks so it will not happen on the video from Belgium.

    But I may have found a way to change my video, and substitute the offending music file, with a YouTube friendly piece of music?

    It may not be the best music!? but if it means I can adapt my video so that GEMA will not stop it, and it can be played so others can see it.

    Then this is a hit I am prepared to
    take to make the video available to all.

    So I have tried it on the above video, So with a bit of luck Michael at about 10pm tonight you should be able to access the above YouTube link?

    All I had to do was remove the last music file and put in a free use track instead.

    Hope it works?


    Hi Tango,

    this works !!!
    Thank you !

    Looking forward to meet you in Belgium !

    Cheers, Michael

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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