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    After moving from up North to down South and sorting out my new workshop. The restoration of the Z750 as started again due to the warmer weather.
    Removed sump pan today and to my surprise very clean and no shite in filter. Leaving in soak over night in cleaner so able to polish up tomorrow and refit.
    Removed main stand to get powder coated.
    Still on the look out for a good front brake calliper for a B2 model.


    No pictures???

    I need to sort out what calipers I have. Did you not get that one I gave you a link too?


    Hi KK.
    Took a gander at the calliper but looked to be rear fork mounting. Mine being front fork mounting so still on the look out for one.
    oil pump all clean and refitted a polished sump pan. Sad I know, but that’s me. The centre stand was a sod to remove and had to get the angle grinder on it so a modification needs to be done. Still in the process of cleaning and sorting out engine and working my way up to the top. More items to go and get p/coated. Shall be spraying up tank and side panels due to warmer weather and move onto front. Very little to do as forks all sorted and just need to spray up wheel and clocks and refit and polish exh. Job done. How long it will take? Sounds simple when you type it out. Shall try and show photos as I go along.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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