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    Hi All

    am in the process of getting the starter motor refurbed and looking to replace the switch too.

    I have looked on weemoto and found what seems like the correct part https://www.wemoto.com/bikes/kawasaki/z_750_b1_twin_(kz750)/76/picture/handlebar_switchgear_right

    however it looks slightly different to the one that came off, in that the end connector is different, i have attached a couple of pics. I’m thinking that the one coming off is probably the wrong one, as the electrics on the bike are a bit of a rats nest 🙂 But wanted to get some thoughts before i order it

    weemoto version


    My pic from bike


    Why Wemoto for the switch? I can do those for £35 plus postage.

    Anyway the switch is generic and used on various models. If memory serves me right you don’t need the spade connector wire. Just tape the end up and tuck it away. The 4 pin plug goes straight in and I think the bullet connector needs to be swapped for a female.


    Hi KK, would prefer to buy from you, I just did a generic search on weemoto.

    DM me your details of how I pay and we are good to go.

    Will ping you 1st next time I need something



    PM sent


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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