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    happy christmas chaps,have a good un


    And the same to you Phil. Hows your project going?
    Fitted rear calliper to Z750 and all ok. To cold at to mo in garage so restoration on hold. Plus getting ready for the move to down south.
    Take it easy with the mince pies and sherry.


    And a merry Christmas from me too.

    Just spent my weekend helping the homeless people in my area. I manage to make 30 litres of vegetable soup (enough to feed 120 people) and scrounged 144 barm cakes from Warburtons, 20 Thermos flasks, 700 cups from work and friends and with donated money I bought 90 pairs of thermal socks, 3 hats, 8 scarfs, 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of gloves. With the donations received by others we managed to feed and help reclothe over 300 homeless. An excellent project that was supported and executed in a magnificent manor so yes it is a Merry Christmas for many people.


    Hi Andy,

    that is very good social behaviour !
    You are an example !!!

    I was only looking after the wellbeing of my neighbours and loved people around.

    Merry Xmas !

    Cheers, Michael


    festive Greetings to all my new found pals here.

    Thanx for all the help and advice – here’s to a healthy and happy New Year.


    Seasons Greetings from me too,

    Hope to meet up with some of you guys in the new year….x


    It was very enjoyable discussing with you at the Twin forum and I really hope that we will meet in person in the next year.

    May I wish you all a very happy, enjoyable and peaceful 2015!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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