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    Now this is the type of thing i like to hear. We have a reasonable stock of shims here in the UK. I personally would be happy to swap shims and cost would then only be postage. If we do not have the right sizes and have to order from OZ my son lives there (Melbourne) and i have other OZ contacts too so could probably get better postage.

    My suggestion at this stage would be for us both to get a list of sizes we already have and compare.


    Hi KK,

    I have sent a contact via (german) PM who needs 2x shims 240.

    We started a survey, as announced, to find out the interest in centralised buying of shims.

    Having a trustworthy contact in Australia would help a lot ;-)))

    Cheers, Michael


    I need 3 x shims as they are at 0.00 at present. has anyone got a shim tool they wany to sell.


    Hi there,

    we try to organise a centralised buying of shims from
    , Australia.
    They have the 32mm shims from 2,00 to 4,00 mm in 0,02mm increments.
    That means we can order e.g. 240, 242, 244, 246, 248. 250 sized shims. Not like the factory ones with 240, 242.5(242), 245, 247.5(248), 250.

    Is anyone interested in joining this buying? Let me know via e-mail to michael.6666[at]
    Deadline is 12. March 2013!

    If we can order large quantities (approx. 70 shims) pricing is 5 AUD ~ 3,85 Euro each.
    With smaller quantities price increases to 7 AUD ~ 5,40 Euro.

    There is an issue with freight cost from Australia to Germany and Germany to UK. I am working on that 😉

    There is no plan to stock different sizes, so please list thickness and quantity you would like. An advance payment is required !

    Cheers, Michael



    I don’t have a shim tool but they can be done carefully with a screw driver. Let me know what sizes you need and i will see if i can find them for you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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