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    old red eyes

    My KZ750 b-3 still has original system which I would like to replace. Any suggestions, I was thinking about marving silencers. Would like to keep the 2 in to 2 look.


    There are a number of things you can do.

    Firstly are you wanting a new system?

    Also what condition is your orginal system in? I might be interested in buying that.


    old red eyes

    Want o fit new system. Old system is solid with new balance pipe but starting to show its age, think I would like to preseveve it and keep with bike .


    Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply but I am very busy trying to create a more modern website.

    I understand you wanting to keep your original system but make sure you store it well.

    You will need a full system though as the silencers and downpipes are one piece.

    You can try BSM

    They list 2 into 2 systems for the LTD models (K and LTD). I have a system suitable for a B model so I know they did make them. Worth a try.

    The only other place I know for New is in Germany I believe. I am struggling to find details but I will keep hunting


    One of our members in Germany is producing stainless steel downtubes.
    They are matching all Z750Twin models and are without “H-tube”-connector. They have an upswep angle welded in for use with straight silencers.

    The downtubes are single-walled, have a much larger inner diameter than the double-walled stock downtubes.
    This will lead to a bit more power at higher revs, bit of loss of torque in lower revs and for sure they will get the typical tempering colours. That is unavoidable with single-walled tubes.

    They can be ordered as bare metal or polished version.
    Price is 270,- Euros for a pair (left and right one) of downtubes (unpolished) or 450,- Euros (polished).
    Plus shipping cost and it will be a large parcel !

    There are no silencers included and you can use typical aftermarket silencers of your choice.

    If you are interested, just contact me and I will forward to Peter, who produces the downtubes.

    Cheers, Michael

    Attached pics show the unpolished version with long or short aftermarket silencers as quick mock-ups.
    Correctly mounted it is possible to remove the rear wheel axle without removing this type of silencers:

    old red eyes

    Thanks . Will look into it.

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