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    I know red was not an original color but my wife insisted and I like it too. With some gold stripes it will look great. The engine has been freshened up with bearings and rings and the head rebuilt. I have new tires and am still busy getting the front end done. Depending on parts deliveries, I hope to have it on the road October 1st. Luckily we have a 12 month riding season. I am looking forward to riding it.


    Wow hardride you have made some great progress there. Oct 1st seems optimistic but good luck there.

    It appears you have managed to source parts well. Maybe you could share some of your sources?

    I am definitely a little envious about the 12 month riding season . . .


    i love the colour, it reminds me of my old FT500 back in the 80’s 😎


    Red ……… The perfect choice – updates?


    Being a Spurs fan sadly Dark Pink is banned in my house.


    My exhaust system is in really rusty shape. I can clean, paint and wrap the exhaust pipes with titanium wrap but the mufflers are beyond repair. I am going to cut the pipes after the cross-over and put some type of muffler on. I get along very well with the people here in my village with mostly some quiet mufflers on my other bikes so I need something that isn’t too loud and sounds good. What has some of the members used that fills the bill?


    That’s a great question hardride.

    Exhausts are few and far between as far as new systems are concerned.

    Here in the UK I like a loud system. I have found with these twins that even with a loud system they can be ridden quietly.

    Stock exhausts on the LTD and CSR models have quite a nice sounding noise but is neighbour friendly.

    From my experience the BSM exhaust system is a very good aftermarket system. They are of Dutch origin and I believe sadly are no longer produce. They do crop up on Ebay every now and again. The MAC system also sounds quite nice but they are let down badly with quality.


    Nice… Looks fantastic mate.


    Hi Hardride,

    there are exchange mufflers from a company called “SITO”.
    Style is more or less stock, sound as well. You may find some at ebay.

    There are other mufflers offered by a german wholesaler called Louis,
    but shipping cost to you may be exorbitant.
    I may help buying them locally and ship them to you, but this will add shipping cost as well. Hope you can find offers without high shipping cost.

    These Louis exhausts are very quite, at stock level. For sure, they do not produce unnecessary noise, but may be disappointing if you like to hear the pure “stroke” of a Twin.

    Short exhausts:

    Long exhausts (no LTD style, but sounds good)

    Cheers, Michael

    PS: Watch out for Youtube videos, title starting with “Kawasaki Z 750 Twin sound”. I’ve done short videos with different exhausts, one is with the Louis universal conic short.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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