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    Endless Nameless

    I know I’ll probably get shot for this, but…
    Anyone any experience of these? Only I’ve been offered one by a friend, and I’d kinda rather buy a bike from someone I know/ trust than from the dogs of eBay.

    Class discuss!

    I’ve only heard good things about them so far, so I though I’d ask the folks on the other side of the fence. Please don’t kick me out the lonesome twin gang for this, I will get a zed someday, promise… and I’ll wear my t-shirt when I ride it 😆


    I agree with phil here. They are a great bike but as he says, NOT a lonesome but its down to your circumstances mate.


    gs550’s were a blinding bike in their day, however the hype drove prices up and they were no more reliable than a z550 or xj550, (not mentioning single overhead hand grenade honda cb550’s)
    Everybody raves about gs roller bearing crankshafts but there was no jap four cylinder bike that took out a crank before the top end ate itself so there you go.
    I had a brill gs550 rat bike that suited my riding style better than anything else i have ever ridden until the engine got too smokey.
    I stripped it down and found two of the cam caps held down with wood screws and one of the gudgeon circlips was missing so the pin had scored the bore. It was fxxcked basically but until i stripped it down i thought it just needed a service.
    When something is good its very hard to know when its so far gone its bad.

    Endless Nameless

    Probably worth pointing out that whatever I do get (and I’m afraid it’s looking likely to be the GS…) it needs to be a reliable commuter as the year after next I’ll probably do a paid year in industry out of uni and will need to blat to and from that, needs to be fairly docile in traffic when it needs to be as I might ride into uni from my new house next year, it’s just far enough to justify getting kitted out and the bike out the garage.
    Also needs to be good for bunging some panniers on and trundling down to Cornwall for the odd camping weekend, trecking up the M5 to home every now and again… and good for blatting about the backroads.

    Needs to look cool too- and I mean real cool, not modern “bling” cool!

    Cor, not asking too much am I!

    As far as I can tell the GS550 ticks most of those, it should be better than a lonesome in town being a bit smaller, although the lonesome must be torquier. It wont be great on the m-way, but should make up for that on the backroads…

    Oh, I dunno, lets just keep the opinions going!

    Must admit it wasn’t a bike I was considering ’till I was offered it, but it does make sense to me. It’d cost me under ?600 to get it on the road, and it looks pretty tidy in the pics i’ve been sent.

    And the seller is a really genuine, trustworthy guy and I know if there’s owt wrong with it in his knowledge, he’d tell me. That’s worth a bob or two in my book!


    The Suzie GS line is nearly bulletproof, except for the electrics. They are known for burning up stators and regulator/rectifiers. The stock items are pretty weak. If you find yourself in need, be sure to use the Electrex replacements. Sturdy and cheaper than stock. The problem is well documented on the GS Resources site. If you pick this up, that’s a good site to hang around

    former GS650 owner.

    Endless Nameless

    Cheers for the advice. I’m almost certainly buying the bike, I’ve just gotta get my test!

    Be looking out for a lonesome project next year…

    Endless Nameless

    Bought it.

    Haven’t passed my test yet so I cant ride her home, but I did get to take her for a spin, I like muchly…

    Will find a photo shortly of yours truly looking a right muppet riding it 😀


    Good luck with the Suzuki Endless, just the right time of the year to get a bike for the good weather.

    Endless Nameless


    Hopefully should have it home in a couple of months. Be cool to meet up with some of you guys at some point this summer!

    Endless Nameless

    Finally passed me bloody test! Put my foot down on the U turn of the first one I actually made it to on a working bike, got it the second time…

    Off to pick up the GS on thursday 😀

    Also been offered another bike for beer money. It’s, erm, a superdream…

    But it’ll be either done up and flogged, or chopped.

    Got 2 years ’till my restriction is up then I’ll be lonesome shopping!


    well done that man,


    well done indeed sir !
    but don’t waste your time or money doing stuff to the superdream …
    get it running and throw it on ebay !

    Endless Nameless

    good reliable bike,just not a lonesome.


    Congrats, and well done that man.

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