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    I ordered a tacho cable for my 78 twin and went to install it today but the male end that connects to the engine is too big! I mailed the guy and he will accept a return but he said they are listed as being the same cable and fittings for all years of the twin.

    See the pic, it measures 20mm to the peak of the threads. Is this the right size? It’s just too big for mine?



    That is the wrong cable for any twin.

    There are 2 different part no’s for twin rev counter cables

    54018-021 (B1to4 and G)
    54018-1015 (K, M, S and Y)

    They may be the same item with the 1015 part number being an updated replacement.

    The thread is an 18mm thread not 20 and the correct cable has a hexagon nut not a knurled nut.

    My guess is that is from a 4 cylinder 750 as this is a common mistake.

    Where did you get it from? I would recommend WEMOTO. there is a link to them in our suppliers section.


    Bitzforbikes through ebay. I’ve emailed him and told him he’s listing the part for the wrong bike. Ordered one through Wemoto. Thanks for that, you nailed it again!


    mmm bitzforbikes they are near me. Have questioned them before as they are trying to help but hinder as they don’t know the twin. Only bought stuff for other bikes from them and to be fair they have been spot on with that.

    Evil Twin

    have tried these in the past,ordered a front sprocket for our lass’s rvil twin
    gave them vernier caliper readings/measurements
    make type model etc
    they still sent the wrong part i requested
    they wouldnt give the money back but wanted to supply another part at postage cost to me and the wrong part returned at my expense.grrrr
    wont ever use em again.


    Had the same problem. They don’t no there arse from there elbow.
    The joy of restoring is an education I tell myself. But sometimes its more like a nightmare.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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